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The Teleidoscope


The Teleidoscope ,a handmade kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson will transform the world around you into an unending journey of kaleidoscopic imagery.  A joy to gaze thru to hold and to just look at.

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Product Description

The Teleidoscope is a handmade kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson and it is fitted with a 2 inch crystal ball.  Rather than looking at objects within a cell like on a traditional kaleidoscope, you can look at anything in your surroundings,clouds, people, your feet, anything and view an amazing kaleidoscopic image. As you gaze around you the image continuously changing view. It is really amazing  what happens to the most mundane things around you when you gaze through this device.  The kaleidoscope itself is available with either 2 or 3 mirror configuration. The 2 mirror version will give you a circular mandala image surrounded by a black field. some people prefer the tidy symmetry of this configuration . The 3 mirror version provides the same mandala, but instead of the black field the third mirror adds an explosion of patterns that goes to the edge of your view.

The kaleidoscopes are available in two wood types, maple is more whitish in color or bubinga, which is more reddish in color. These handmade scopes are brought to a finely finished state  by a 25 step sanding and polishing process. The end result is a kaleidoscope that is as much a pleasure to look through as it it is to hold and to simply look at.


Additional Information

Mirror Style

2 Mirrors, 3 Mirrors

Wood Type

Bubinga, Maple


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