The Winddancer Kaleidoscope

//The Winddancer Kaleidoscope

The Winddancer Kaleidoscope


The Winddancer , a handmade kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson is a magical blend of sculpture engineering and a visual delight.

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The Winddancer, a handmade kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson is a wonderful blend of mechanical design ,sculpture and visual amazement. The kaleidoscope is sculpted out of bubinga hardwood , a west African species, with maple accents. It has an airfoil shape that is reminiscent of some other worldly sailing vessel. It incorporates a rotating wheel which includes three separate object cases filled with all manner of goodies.  You can rotate the wheel to while simultaneously twisting a knob on the side of the wheel, this  twists the object cases.  The object cases can be turned in unison  with the knob or can be turned individually.  The end result is a very articulate dynamic image within that will give you unending pleasure. There are a total of six separate object case which can be slipped into the wheel, mixed and matched to satisfy and delight.  All of the wood and brass components of this kaleidoscope are brought to a highly polished state via a many stepped finishing process.  The end result is a object which can stand on its own as sculpture and will provide you an infinite kaleidoscopic viewing experience.

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Mirror Choice

2 Mirrors, 3 Mirrors

Wood Choice

Bubinga, Maple


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