The Timefly Kaleidoscope

//The Timefly Kaleidoscope

The Timefly Kaleidoscope


The  Timefly is a Henry Bergeson Handmade kaleidoscope that will captivate and delight you . The long object case can be twisted and slid from side to side giving you a pretty much unlimited viewing experience.  Its flowing shape will enhance any space .

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The Timefly a gorgeous  hand made kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson  that will take you away.  Its highly sculpted swooping shape is a pleasure to gaze upon and its extra long object case can be twisted as well as slid from side to side.  This causes you to see a wide range of incredible imagery. When you slide it in one direction its as if the image is draining away from you down some infinite wormhole. When you slide in the other direction its like it is coming out of that same wormhole right at you. Then when you twist the tube a whole other set of effects happens.  All of the wood components of the kaleidoscope are taken through a 25 step sanding and finishing process creating a wonderfully smooth and beautiful sculpture which will liven up any space.  The Timefly is currently  available in bubinga, a west African hardwood accented with maple, or maple accented with bubinga. The name comes from a strange joke by Groucho Marx or Mark Twain, one of those guys. It goes like this…”Remember, timeflies like an arrow, fruitflies like a banana. ” Something to wonder about.

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Mirror Choice

2 Mirrors, 3 Mirrors

Wood Choice

Bubinga, Maple


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