The CordaLee Kaleidoscope

//The CordaLee Kaleidoscope

The CordaLee Kaleidoscope


This handsome Cordalee pedestal kaleidoscope is a Henry Bergeson customer favorite, named after Corki Weeks. It comes equipped with three interchangeable, brass trimmed liquid-filled cells. It can be viewed anytime with its own internal light source, which turns off after one minute. Offered only in Bubinga with Maple trim.

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Product Description

The CordaLee, a handmade kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson is a kaleidoscope that will engage you completely. It is named for Corki Weeks who helped Henry get started making scopes back in 1987.(Time is going by it seems!!) CordaLee was her given name.  She was the preeminent scope maker of the time and there probably isn’t a collection out there that doesn’t include some of her pieces.

This kaleidoscope incorporates may features within its flowing form. It is equipped with three interchangeable brass trimmed  object cases that can be switched by simply pulling the magnetically held case out out the scope. Then you simply slide another one in and away you go on another visual  journey.  In addition, the kaleidoscope has its own internal led light source powered by three AAA batteries. You push the brass button at the front of the scope and you will have light. The light is on a timer and will shut off automatically after about a minute. The batteries are easily accessed via a compartment on the underside of the scope. All of the wood components are processed through a 25 step sanding and finishing process and all of the solid brass components are brought to a mirror finish. This  produces a piece that is stunning to look at as well as to look through.

The Cordalee is available in two woods, bubinga, a west African wood with maple trim.  It is also available in maple with bubinga trim.

There are two mirror configurations, either the 2 mirror or the 3 mirror. The 2 mirror provides the viewer withe a circular mandala image surrounded by a black field.  The 3 mirror configuration has the mandala as well but a third mirror generates a whole series of additional patterns.

Additional Information

Mirror Choice

2 Mirrors, 3 Mirrors

Wood Choice

Bubinga, Maple


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