The Turniton Kaleidoscope

//The Turniton Kaleidoscope

The Turniton Kaleidoscope


The Turniton is a Henry Bergeson Hand made kaleidoscope, which features its own internal LED light source.  Its crisp dynamic imagery can be viewed in any lighting situation.

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Product Description

The Turniton, A handmade Kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson  is a hand held kaleidoscope that will bring color to the darkest of nights.  The kaleidoscope is has its own internally powered led light source, using (3) aaa batteries. By simply pushing down on the brass Bezel of the object case, you will have a minute of beautifully illuminated kaleidoscope viewing. Need some more? Simply push down on the ring again and away you go.

The kaleidoscope is available in either bubinga a west African hardwood or maple as the primary color. The scopes trim is accented with the opposite. That is to say if the kaleidoscope is primarily bubinga the trim will be maple.  The scope body has an elliptical shape making it easy to hold. All of the components go through  25 step sanding and finishing process which makes them a tactile delight.  The batteries for the light are are replaced by removing the magnetically held lid on the bottom of the kaleidoscope.

Here are some videos of the2 and 3 mirror versions.




Additional Information

Mirror Choice

2 Mirrors, 3 Mirrors

Wood Choice

Bubinga, Maple


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