The Honeyjar Kaleidoscope

//The Honeyjar Kaleidoscope

The Honeyjar Kaleidoscope


This large, limited edition kaleidoscope is viewed with both eyes. It was originally designed for an exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum, in New York City. The angle of the sculpted scope body utilizes a variety of hardwoods and adjusts for different heights

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Product Description

The Honey Jar is a stunning handmade kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson. It is a limited edition of twenty five pieces. The kaleidoscope is the largest one that Henry has made to date. It incorporates a gigantic object case which is mounted on ball bearing rollers allowing for silky smooth rotation, The mirror system is large enough that you can get both eyes looking through , which creates a truly 3D environment you can get completely lost in.

The kaleidoscope itself  is a sculptural masterpiece which has been made in various hardwoods. This one is all curves and flow. The scope itself can be raised or lowered to the veiwing angle that suits the user and then locked in place.


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