The Kings Ransom Kaleidoscope

//The Kings Ransom Kaleidoscope

The Kings Ransom Kaleidoscope


The Kings Ransom kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson Is an excellent kaleidoscope for those who like options. It is basically five kaleidoscopes in one being equipped with three liquid filled cells of wonder as well as a fine collection of loose beads. You can also put any other objects that you can fit in the object case, making your own kaleidoscopic wonders.  The brass object case can also be left empty ,which allows you to look at your surroundings and convert them into a kaleidoscopic vista!

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The Kings Ransom, a handmade kaleidoscope by Henry Bergeson is an ideal  scope scope for those who like options. It is an excellent choice for first time buyers because it is basically five kaleidoscopes in one.

It is fitted with a removable polished brass object case, which when it empty allows you to use the kaleidoscope as a teleidoscope. This is when you can look at anything in your surroundings and generate a crazy kaleidoscopic image. You Can then press the spring loaded pin and release the brass case. The object case can the be unscrewed which will allow you to either insert a prefilled liquid cell, of which there are three or you can select from a collection of free roaming beads to make your own design. You can also insert anything  you might have that will fit, broken jewellery, bugs or flowers for example.  You can then screw the object case shut and simply snap it back on to the scope body and see what you have. It is quite amazing what this kaleidoscope will do.

The three cells and the bead collection are contained within the articulating base. The wood types available are bubinga a west African wood ,reddish in color and maple. There are two mirror configurations, either the 2 mirror or the 3 mirror. The 2 mirror provides the viewer withe a circular mandala image surrounded by a black field .  The 3 mirror configuration has the mandala as well but a third mirror generates a whole series of additional patterns.



Additional Information

Mirror Choice

2 Mirrors, 3 Mirrors

Wood Choice

Bubinga, Maple


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